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Pies - 9" deep pie pans


Thin sliced apples with a lattice top


Belgian Chocolate Cream

Topped with fresh whipped cream and   chocolate shavings in an all-butter pie   shell


Tarts - 10" round

Fresh Fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit atop a vanilla creme


Bittersweet Chocolate

Belgian chocolate filling, topped with     candied cranberries



Brioche rolls

$15 / dozen

$8 / 6 each

Cinnamon Rolls


pan of 8


Buche de Noel

chocolate genoise, rolled up with vanilla buttercream and frosted with chocolate ganache to resemble a Yule Log


Cookie platters

Assorted cookie platters in a small (1 doz) or large (2 dozen) size featuring our        double chocolate chip, ginger molasses, chocolate crinkle, sugar snowflake, and  oatmeal cranberry